The firm Emil Hofferik was based on 21.10.1996. The owner of the firm has caused in the branch of electricity since 1983. 
Our activities: 
service of gas-appliances, control of boiler rooms, electro-installation in boiler room, final proof and inspection, complete delivery of boiler and boiler rooms, installation and service of radiant pipes, professional consultations and service 24 hours a day.

We ensure (as general distribution) complete mounting of gas boiler rooms with gas, water, energy and heating distribution including controls.
Our aim is complex and professional services in our branch and our satisfied customers.
Our employees are professional educated and they have for their works necessary licences.
Our customers are schools, municipal authorities, towns, another firms (especially heating firms) and citizens.  

Our firm has many licences from prestigious producers (e.g. Buderus, s.r.o., Weishaupt, s.r.o., Thermona, s.r.o., Quantum, a.s., Procom Bohemia, a.s., Adrian, s.r.o. etc.) for mounting and service of their products, for doing guaranty repairs of boilers, radiant pipes and another appliances.