I. Delivery and mounting of boilers and boiler rooms
We deliver and mount boilers for single houses and for industrial objects (schools, boiler rooms, apartment building etc.). We offer big choice of boilers from several prestigious producers: 
DE Dietrich
boilers Thermona
boilers Geminox
boilers Odra
boilers Viadrus
products of the firm CosmoCELL
Our firm is prepared to comply with your specific requirements and build up a complete boiler room. We also ensure all electro-mounting in boiler rooms.

II. Measuring and control of boiler rooms
We ensure delivery, mounting and control of boilers and boiler rooms. We mount following ekviterm-control equipments: Buderus, DE Dietrich, Wolf, Honeywell, Siemens, Landis & Staefa, control equipment for boilers Thermona etc. 
Control equipments serve to control of boilers, of heating circuits and control of preparation of warm water.
Control equipments include security components: monitoring of gas-fading, overheating and flooding of boiler rooms and beep and signal light in boiler rooms. 

III. Service of gas-appliances
We ensure service, repairs and regular anual inspections of all gas-appliances e.g. boilers, cookers, kitcheners, gas flow-heaters etc. from prestigious producers e.g. Wolf, DE Dietrich, Viadrus, Destila, Dakon.
We do guaranty repairs of appliances, that we have licences for:
boilers Buderus
boilers Dakon
boilers Thermona
boilers Geminox
boilers Odra
products of the firm Quantum
products of the firm CosmoCELL
burner Weishaupt
radiant pipes Difotherm
We ensure service of this appliances 24 hours a day.

IV. Mounting and service of radiant pipes
We ensure mounting and service of gas radiant pipes mainly the Difotherm radiant pipes.
This is unique method of heating in big halls and industrial buildings. This method is ecological and economical.
We deliver with radiant pipes theirs control equipments too.

V. Mounting of security equipments in family houses
We mount security equipments in family houses e.g. products of the firm Commax.
We install gatekeepers, video-gatekeepers, cameras and another technology for monitoring.

VI. Electro-final proof
We ensure electro-final proof of electric equipments, machines and electro-installations, that are important for using of this uquipments or for house inspections. 

VII. Authorised measuring of emission
We ensure authorised measuring of emission of gas appliances. The liability of measuring is by the appliances with the output over 200 kW in the time of 6 month after installation.
Terms of authorised measuring of emission: 
* appliances with output 200 kW - 1 MW once in 5 years
* appliances with output 1 MW - 5 MW once in 3 years
* appliances over 5 MW yearly

VIII. Professional consultations
We offer profesional consultations in all parts of our business - measuring and control of boiler rooms, electro-mounting, delivery and mounting of boilers and boiler rooms, mounting and service of radiant pipes and mounting of security equipments.

IX. Service 24 hours a day